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Advantages of securing a green card in the US

Aside from having an opportunity to legally work and stay permanently in the country, there are many reasons why so many eligible people decide to apply for a green card in the U.S. Below are the other advantages of having a green card:

  • Hassle-free travel to any part of the U.S. and to other countries for a certain period of time
  • Green card holders are given opportunity to bring some of their immediate and qualified family members to the U.S. to live with them.
  • After holding a green card for five years, you are given an opportunity to become a natural citizen and are given a chance to participate in elections or run for public office.
  • Green card holders can legally own property in the U.S. including vehicles, houses, and firearms
  • Green card holders should note that they need to carry their card at all times to show proof that they are permanent residents in the U.S. Upon expiration, green card holders should apply to renew their cards.

If you want to know more about the advantages of having a green card, speak with the Russian immigration attorneys at AmLaw Group. Call our office today at (305) 509-6400 to find out how we may assist you in migrating to the U.S.

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