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Three Things to Know About U.S. Work Visas

Entering the United States is a complicated process, so to avoid legal trouble or deportation it is important that you understand the many different types of visas and classifications to enter the U.S. One type of visa, a work visa, is a temporary measure that can legally keep you in the country for as long as you are employed.

You should know every detail about the type of visa you are applying for, from the necessary documentation to the smallest of details, before you actually apply for your temporary work visa. Even minor errors in your application can derail your citizenship efforts. Here are three things you should know as you begin the application process:

  1. There are more than ten types of temporary work visa categories. These classifications differ by type of work, specialization, and industry. Many visas, including the popular H-1B1, require a post-secondary degree in the field for which you are applying. Another common visa is the H-2A, which is for temporary or seasonal agricultural workers. The United States tends to accept agricultural workers only from certain countries, so obtaining this visa may be difficult depending on your country of origin.
  2. Work visas require a sponsorship from a U.S. employer. Your employer must complete the appropriate paperwork and file to sponsor you before the United States will even consider your visa application. There are a few classifications of work visa that do not require you to attain sponsorship, but their other added requirements are extremely difficult to meet.
  3. Some categories of work visa are filled on a quota. This means that the total number of petitions approved is limited on a yearly basis.
    A professional immigration attorney is highly recommended for all applicants seeking admission to the United States. If you are confused in any way, they will be able to walk you through the process.

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