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9 Commonly Asked Questions on Applying for a Green Card via EB-5

While there are a lot of articles detailing how one can get a green card through marriage, few focus on the specifics of getting a green card through investment. Immigration laws can be quite complex. To give you an idea of this specific green card process, this article will briefly discuss nine common questions related […]

Pros and Cons of Applying for a Green Card through EB-5

While a lot of people are aware that you can get a US immigration green card through marriage, few are familiar with the process of getting a green card through investment. Those who seek permanent resident status should read on to be familiar with EB-5 visas.  Through the EB-5 green card process, an alien can […]

EB-5 Investor: Visa Changes in Business Plans

US immigration is a very broad topic. While travel documents and authorization papers are also covered by immigration law, queries on these are not as common as those related to the green card process. Most immigration lawyers handle the processing of visas, permanent residency, and eventual citizenship of an individual with foreign nationality. Applying for […]

Requirements for Getting a National Interest Waiver

Waived Requirements As a subset of the EB-2 category of employment-based immigration, a petitioner whose work offers benefits to the economy, education, or health system of the United States is qualified to apply for a green card. Getting a national interest waiver makes an EB-2 visa application easier since employers do not have to sponsor […]

E-2 Visa Application Information for Foreign Investors

Engaging in foreign investment can be a tough choice, and making sure you do so by-the-book is even more complicated. If you want to begin a profit-generating business venture such as a restaurant, office, or retail store in the United States, you should consider applying for the E-2 investor visa. The sections below describe what […]

Guide to Applying for EB5 Visa for Immigrant Investors

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) administers the EB-5 Investor Immigration program, which lets investors obtain permanent residence upon entry to the United States. The program also allows your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 to get conditional, and eventually permanent, green cards as accompanying relatives. The number of immigrant […]

EB-5 Investor Visa: Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing

The process of immigration and becoming a lawful permanent resident is not simple. Despite this, almost any foreign national who qualifies to get a green card go through the tedious process. He or she often proceeds with the green card application almost immediately. Applying for a green card could be stressful. As such, an immigrant […]

How to Get EB-5 Visa Through Investments

Investors can apply for a work permit to enter the US and become a lawful permanent resident through the EB-5 investor visa program. The EB-5 program was created to encourage foreign investments and stimulate the economic growth of the US. If you’re an investor looking to get an immigrant visa and apply for a green […]

Looking into EB-5: Immigrant Investor Program

In US immigration terms, getting a green card through investment is called an EB-5. Under this green card process, a foreign national can get a permanent resident card through a business investment that will create employment. Very broadly, through the establishment of a new commercial enterprise, one can enjoy lawful permanent resident status. The enterprise, […]

Immigration to the United States: Looking into EB-2 NIW

The National Interest Waiver is a procedure that can bypass the labor certification process, which, in turn, is a prerequisite when one wishes to obtain permanent residence. Key in this immigration policy is the second preference EB-2 employment-based category following the green card process. Through the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Attorney General can waive […]

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