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EB-1a Visa for Individuals with Extraordinary Abilities

An Alien of Extraordinary Ability Visa, also known as the EB-1a visa, is a specific classification that applies to individuals who have distinguished themselves professionally in their area of expertise, be it arts, business, education, sports or science. Often thought of as a Green Card-enabling equivalent of the O-1 visa, it is usually given to “a small percentage of individuals who have risen to the very top of their field of endeavor”. Unlike the O-1 visa, EB-1a does not require an applicant to have a job offer (or even a prospective employer) ready as long as they intend to continue working in their field upon relocating to the United States. Moreover, this visa does not require labor certification, which significantly speeds up the application process.

Benefits of the EB-1a

  • Does not require a job offer or labor certification – therefore, self-petition is allowed
  • Can file a visa petition and permanent residency application simultaneously
  • Flexibility in switching between employers once in the USA
  • No requirements regarding candidate’s education
  • Allows visa holder’s spouse and children to get a Green Card as well

Extraordinary Abilities Criteria & General Requirements

Just like in the case of the O-1 visa, a single major international award like an Olympic medal, Pulitzer Prize, an Oscar or a Nobel Prize is enough to prove the candidate’s exceptional skills. Fortunately, it is not necessary to be in possession of such a rare honor. In order to qualify for the EB-1A visa, applicants must be able to provide sufficient evidence indicating that they (must satisfy at least three of the following):

  • Have received national or international awards or prizes of excellence in their field
  • Had their work published in professional or high-profile trade publications or mainstream media
  • Had their articles published in notable specialized or professional journals
  • Are a member of exclusive associations which require outstanding achievements to join
  • Served as a judge (either individually or as a part of a panel) of others in the same field
  • Made original scientific, academic or business contributions of major significance
  • Had a major commercial success in arts
  • Consistently receive salary (remunerations) considered high in comparison with others
  • Have been employed in a critical/essential role in well-known organizations
  • Have any other comparable evidence of petitioner’s outstanding abilities & achievements

Start a new and exciting life in the USA!

As we mentioned before, the EB-1a visa’s requirements definitely differ from what is usually expected – there are less strict measurements, no benchmarks that are set in stone, and some of the criteria seem quite vague. The only way to safeguard yourself and have the best possible chances of successfully obtaining this visa is to have an experienced and trustworthy russian immigration attorney at your disposal. Here at AmLaw Group we understand the struggles potential immigrants face every day and we strive to make immigration process as simple and transparent as it can be. With over 15 years of experience, and hundreds of cases under our belt, you can always trust our experts to provide a perfect solution even with the toughest of problems. Call us at (305) 509-6400 or leave your contact info below to find out if the EB-1a visa is the right one for you. It’s time for a new challenge – don’t hesitate!

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